Creative Craft Classes – Meet The Makers – Urban Magpie and Onetenzeroseven

We’re really loving our Creative Craft Classes over at Our Handmade Collective. We’ve had some excellent students, laughing, chatting, drinking tea and eating cake and we hope lots more will join us soon! This month we’re welcoming Zoe and Sophie, two of our resident makers, to teach us a thing or two!

Zoe from Urban Magpie – Recycled Jewellery Making | 26th April – Call 0113 418 2304 to book

Upcycling Jewellery Class

I’m Zoë Mitchell, a Southerner who defected to Leeds for about 15 yrs ago. My husband & I have a 4 year old son, and I work part-time as a retail interior planner. I make my jewellery from home in my spare time, and enjoy the break it gives me from working with AutoCAD. Most of my making is actually done once our son is tucked up in bed, but occasionally he acts as my studio assistant by helping me out when I’m taking product photos!

Recycling Jewellery Workshop, Leeds

How did you first get involved in making your craft?

I studied Fine Art at University in Leicester, which is were I became interested in mixed media art and 3D collage. Years later, and my jewellery making has at its heart the idea of jewellery as tiny, wearable mixed-media artworks. I’m interested in recycling and upcycling objects which have a patina of age and use, a back-story, or a historical resonance. I enjoy the fiddly process of making and the challenge of working with different materials which wouldn’t normally be associated with jewellery. I always need a creative outlet, but importantly jewellery-making is creative activity which is easy to pack away at the end of the day!

What made you decide to take the leap to start selling your work?

Initially I started by making necklaces as Christmas presents for my family, which were recycled from old charity shop-bought jewellery. Friends & family started commissioning me to make more pieces & word got around. That’s how Urban Magpie was born as a brand.

How To Make Jewellery

What are you most looking forward to about running your workshop?

Until Claire from OHC asked me if I’d be interesting in running a workshop, I’d never considered it before. I recently held an informal trial-run workshop in my kitchen with a few friends to figure out how it would work. We had a chilled-out, sociable evening & my friends loved having the chance to get creative and try out different techniques. Everyone went home with truly personal finished pieces. One of my friends created a beautiful pair of rings which were recycled from her Gran’s favourite clip on-earrings.

I’m most looking forward to meeting the group and seeing what pieces people bring along to recycle, the stories behind them and what new treasures they’ll turn them into.

Sophie from Onetenzeroseven – Blogging For Creative Businesses | 23rd April – Call 0113 418 2304 to book

Blogging Workshop, Leeds

My name is Sophie and I’m a born and bred Yorkshire lass! I live in the outskirts of the city centre with my musician boyfriend and my crazy rescue dog, Frank.
I run my own business, full time, designing fun jewellery & accessories for the young at heart and documenting my business journey, sharing advice and showing you my favourite things on my Lifestyle Blog. I also blog professionally for a couple of other brands as well as right here on the Our Handmade Collective blog!

How did you first get involved in making your craft?

I actually remember the day I discovered Etsy… it was during an intense moment of boredom at my old job. I thought all the handmade pieces for sale were beautiful, but what really intrigued me was the idea of making something myself from the endless craft supplies that were also available to buy.

Business Workshops in Leeds

What made you decide to take the leap to start selling your work?

I was going to New York on holiday and I thought it would be a great idea to make some extra pocket money by selling the endless things I’d made as a hobby, but starting to sell things was never really a big deal for me; When I made the decision to become a business, that was scary! I really wanted something that I could pour my heart and soul into and have full control over. Each job I had previously left me frustrated that no one was interested in my endless stream of ideas and I struggled with a full time job due to my mental health affecting my physical health – an issue I know many fellow crafters share. Now I love every day at work, even when I’m stressed and overwhelmed it’s in a good way and I treasure that!

Creative Blogging

What are you most looking forward to about running your workshop?

Ooh, definitely having an evening where I can chat about business to other creative folk over a cup of tea – something I just absolutely love to do. I’m excited about being able to share what I’ve learned to the next generation of creatives, as I learned from the ones before me, so I hope to run a lot of different business related talks – To pass the creative torch!

We also have Claudia from Kitsch-ina’s workshop, Vintage Inspired Half Pinny on 26th April. To get to know a bit more about Claudia, read her interview here.

To book onto Recycled Jewellery Making, Blogging For Creative Businesses, Vintage Inspired Half Pinny or to view our other Creative Craft Classes, pop in store or call 0113 418 2304.

See you there x

Creative Craft Classes – Meet The Makers – Kitsch-ina and The Owlery

Today we’re welcoming Claudia and Ben, two of our resident makers, to the blog to get to know a little bit more about them and find out what fun happenings will be part of their workshops at our brand new Creative Craft Classes this weekend!

Claudia from Kitsch-ina – Vintage Inspired Half Pinny | 29th March – Book here!

How To Sew A Pinny

My Name is Claudia and my brand is Kitsch-ina. I’ve been making & selling since 2010. Encouraged by friends and family to make and sew, I found my thing its aprons and pinnies! I love working with bright cotton prints. Inspired by the iconic 1950s design with full flowing skirts and synched in waists. I make and sell through a number of shops in and around Yorkshire.

How did you first get involved in making your craft?

I first got inspired to make, when a close friend, Pesky Chloe of Life’s Big Canvas, had a piece of fabric made using a painting of a Russian doll she had done. We decided to make a pinny and that reminded me that my mum used to wear a pinny all the time. So enthused by nostalgia and a love of fabrics I started making to sell. I now have 7 shops that sell my handmade wares.

Sewing Workshop, Leeds

What’s your favourite thing about running a workshop or class?

I did my first workshop last year it was a great success. I taught a small group of ladies to make their own aprons, 2 of them had never really used a sewing machine before. All the ladies ended up with a beautiful handmade apron using fabric they had chosen and made using their own measurements. It was really good fun sharing my knowledge and in turn inspiring them.

Ben from The Owlery – Introduction To Line Cut | 29th March – Book Here!

Lino Cutting Workshop, Leeds

My name is Benjamin Partridge and I own ‘The Owlery’ a print and textile enterprise based in Sheffield. I specialise in lino cuts, mainly based around the British Woodland, however I am often inspired by the school topics I am working on with my class. I work full time, alongside running my business, as a Special Needs Teacher in Sheffield. I am hoping that as my business progresses I can spend more time being creative and create fair balance between my career and my passion!

How did you first get involved in making your craft?

A couple of years ago I was half way through my Primary Teacher training. The thought of 4 art classes was a daunting prospect as I had never be ‘good’ at art in school. However after a 2 hour print class I found that… ‘I’m actually pretty good at this!’ I quickly went on to running an enterprise print project with my school class and from there set up The Owlery.

The textile element of my business is something that comes a little more natural. I have always had a natural affinity to sewing and been comfortable behind my machine!

‘A man that sews…what is wrong with the world?’ But the Great British Sewing Bee is forging the way for men who sew!

How to lino cut, Leeds

What made you decide to take the leap to start selling your work?

I started to sell the work after the success my school enterprise project had. I fast realised that my work was worth selling and that people were interested in print. Sheffield (my home town) has an incredible print scene and I felt honored that  people chose my work!

What’s your favourite thing about running a workshop or class?

I ran my first print workshop in Sheffield back in January. The process of running a workshop is a fascinating one, in my last print workshop participants brought inspiration from all over the world! One participant was inspired by graffiti art of a volcano situated on the side of a wall on an island in the Indian Ocean where she lived for years, while another participant cut scenes from her kitchen window overlooking beautiful scenery and woodlands. It is incredible to see the diversity of work produced. It makes me realise that inspiration can come for anything and everything.

Creative Workshop Leeds

To book onto Vintage Inspired Half Pinny or Introduction To Lino Cut or to view our other Creative Craft Classes, pop along to this link or call 0113 2443454. Don’t forget we also have our Making Bath Bombs class this Thursday evening too!

See you there x

Creative Craft Classes – 26th March

Today we’re welcoming Claire, co-owner of Our Handmade Collective and one of our resident makers, to the blog to get to know a little bit more about her and find out what fun stuff will be part of her workshop at our brand new Creative Craft Classes next week.

Little Shop Of Lathers – Making Bath Bombs | 26th March – Book here!

Making Bath Bombs Class, Leeds

I live in Leeds with my husband Mark, and three very demanding pussy cats, who entertain us on a daily basis; our household has lots of laughter! Making bath and body products at home means we always have lots of lovely natural products to use on ourselves and there is always a lovely fragrance in the house – albeit there is often a fine covering of white powder everywhere (which does make it sound a little bit strange – but perfectly legal we assure you!).

How did you first get involved in making your craft?

I first got involved in making my craft back in 2010 when we were planning our wedding, and I was exploring different options for our wedding favours.  I had previously trained as an Aromatherapist and loved working with Essential oils so decided to try my hand at making bath bombs to see what I could create.  I actually ended up making something different for our wedding favours as I didn’t have the confidence at the time but the seed was planted in my mind!

Creative Craft Class Leeds

What made you decide to take the leap to start selling your work?

Back in January 2012 I became quite ill and had to make the tough decision to leave my employment. I began working with my husband on ideas for my own business which I could do from home without any pressure. At first it was more a case of something to keep myself occupied while I was at home. I wanted to combine my love of holistic treatments and previous studies as an holistic therapist with something which I would enjoy doing on a daily basis but that could be done as and when it suited me and my illness. At the time we weren’t sure what road the business would take and how it would evolve, but that’s what I love about a creative business! I tested a lot of recipes and built up some stock and it took off from there, with me venturing out to a few craft fairs.  I then started to supply some shops and ventured into bespoke product ranges for specific customers. Little Shop of Lathers grew as I learned to manage my illness, with new product ranges being introduced and new ideas constantly flowing. I decided that the time was right to go a big step further – and in June 2013 Our Handmade Collective came to fruition! OHC is a fabulous handmade gift shop which I adore and am extremely proud of every single day – and it’s the only place where the full range of Little Shop of Lathers goodies are available!

What’s your favourite thing about running a workshop or class?

I run bath bomb making workshops regularly, and also children’s birthday parties and pampering parties, which are all great fun! I love to see people making their own creations with the information and advice I have given – it’s very rewarding and gives lots of warm fuzzy feelings! Helping people to release some creativity and learn a new skill is extremely fulfilling – it helped me a lot when I first became ill and it’s lovely to be able to do that for others.

Here are a few snaps of our first Creative Craft Class – Make A Felted Picture last night which was a huge success! Don’t worry if you missed out, we’re running it again in April!

Creative Workshop in Leeds

Making A Felt Picture
Craft Classes in Leeds

To book onto Making Bath Bombs or to view our other Creative Craft Classes, pop along to this link or call 0113 2443454

See you there x

Creative Craft Classes – 12th March 2015

Today we’re welcoming Chloe and Lucy, two of our resident makers, to the blog to get to know a little bit more about them and find out what fun happenings will be part of their workshops at our brand new Creative Craft Classes starting this month.

Chloe from Life’s Big Canvas – Origami For Card Making | 12th March – Book here!

Life's Big Canvas Workshop Leeds

My mission is to make the whole world a playful place, and to encourage creativity, even in the most mundane places and stubborn people. I started by painting animals, but now I mainly fold paper.

I create whimsical items for the child within – whether it’s a simple badge, a notebook made with a book cover you remember as a child, or something you can’t believe was ever once a piece of paper – I am fascinated by how something flat like paper can become three dimensional with a few folds.

Life’s Big Canvas has been a part of the independent retail scene in Leeds for the last three years, being involved in shops, fairs, workshops and galleries. I will always continues to experiment and play daily, wherever I am.

How To Fold Paper

How did you first get involved in making your craft?

I started making stuff five years ago, and it was mainly jewellery, but then one january I started making origami boxes for putting the jewellery into, and just got obsessed with paper. I still do other stuff, but it’s the paper that always stays around.

What made you decide to take the leap to start selling your work?

I had no other choice, unfortunately. I was signed off work with sickness, and my sick pay ran out – the doctor said I wasn’t well enough to work, but the DWP said I was, so the Job Centre suggested I take self-employment credit (a scheme that I’m not sure if it still runs or not) and that got things moving. That makes it sound like it’s not a dream or a love, but I think I would have got to this point eventually, I was just pushed a bit sooner.

Origami Workshop, Leeds

What’s your favourite thing about running a workshop or class?

I used to run the Paper Folding Workshop at Inkwell in Chapel Allerton every month. I really enjoy sharing my knowledge and seeing people see forms come out of their flat paper. The realisation in people’s faces when you get the that point where suddenly you can see what it’s meant to be is priceless!

Lucy from George & Lilly – Make A Felted Picture | 12th March – Book Here!

Felted Picture Workshop

I work from a small studio in my house, I’m a trained graphic designer but currently work at a printers part time. Im originally from Wiltshire but have been living in Leeds for 6 years with my husband and 3 cats. I enjoy anything creative although my passion is obviously feltmaking, DIY and gardening.

How did you first get involved in making your craft?

Though a trained graphic designer I’ve always been interested in textiles, arts and crafts. While at university I lived with a lot of design & crafts students and was very jealous of everything they were creating in their lessons.  I started using craft felt but found it very thin, I found out I could make thicker felt from wool so after going to a couple of evening classes I started making my own and things have evolved from there.

George&Lilly Workshop, Leeds

What made you decide to take the leap to start selling your work?

After selling a few things to friend and family I decided to start doing craft fairs to see if my products would sell well with the public.  I enjoy selling my items to the public as it’s nice to hear first hand feedback and see people enjoy what I have made.

What’s your favourite thing about running a workshop or class?

Ive run many workshops before; I love seeing what designs people come up with. Even the most uncreative person can come up with  fantastic piece of felt art!!

To book onto Make A Felted Picture, Origami For Card Making or to view our other Creative Craft Classes, pop along to this link or call 0113 2443454

See you there x

Creative Craft Classes

Make Your Own Bath Bombs

This March we are bringing something new and exciting to Our Handmade Collective. We’re working together with the gorgeous Bridal Emporium opposite the shop in the Grand Arcade to utilise the vast range of skills that each of our Makers possess and get them to pass on their wisdom to you, our wonderful friends and customers.

Craft Classes and Workshops in Leeds

We will be running these classes on Thursday evenings and Sunday daytimes from March onwards, which hopefully gives everyone a chance to attend and with our wide price range starting from £12.50 there’s something to suit everyone’s budget.

Our Creative Craft Classes are a fantastic opportunity to learn new skills from the people that use them everyday in their own work, perhaps allowing you to develop into your own business someday!

Creative Workshops in Leeds

It’s a great chance to get out into the community and meet like-minded people. At Our Handmade Collective we’re fun, friendly and very down to earth and love to have a chat over a cuppa, so come along and see us with free refreshments provided, as well as equipment and materials for each class unless otherwise stated. Advance booking only, pop in store or call 0113 2443454.

Hope to see you there x

Valentines Day Gift Guide

Valentines Gift Ideas

Valentines Day is only five days away… if you’re lost for ideas this year, pop into Our Handmade Collective where we are more than happy to offer our expertise to help you pick out the perfect one of a kind present for your favourite person.

Best Independent Shop In Leeds Music Themed Valentines Card

Beautiful cards, homemade fudge, geeky framed art, scented candles, unusual jewellery, handmade smellies and endless cute and fun heart themed gifts from over 50 sellers all housed under one roof. We love these paper folded tulips that will last as long as your relationship and this vinyl record card for those who share a passion for music.

We offer a gift wrapping service too, so you could drop by on your lunch break and leave fully prepared for the most romantic day of the year. Don’t forget we’re now open Mondays too!

Alternative Valentines Gift Ideas Handmade Jewellery and Gifts

If you’re stuck for something to do on Valentines Day why not come along to the Grand Arcade: we have a gorgeous vintage tea shop, authentic Colombian coffee, a wide range of dishes on offer in our vegetarian restaurant and you could even pick out your own gifts from our emporium of handmade goodies 🙂

Valentines Day

See you at the shop x

The Alternative Wedding Gift

Unusual Wedding Gift Ideas

If you’re old fashioned at heart and don’t agree with popping cash into a wedding card, but want to buy something a bit different to the traditional toaster – help is at hand at Our Handmade Collective.

We’ve just introduced our new Wedding Gift Certificates that can be purchased in place of choosing a piece from a registry, allowing the new Bride and Groom to wander around our little shop and soak up some inspiration for their new life together.

Wedding Gift Ideas

Our Wedding Gift Vouchers can be purchased in store now – they are valid from the date of purchase until six months after the date of the wedding and can be used by the Bride and Groom for their pre-wedding preparations, to buy accessories for the big day or to treat themselves to something fabulous for their marital home!

Of course if you’d prefer to buy a gift to give the newlyweds in person, do pop along to see us at the shop and we’d be delighted to help pick out something perfect.

See you soon x


The Swine That Dines, Leeds

A Tale of Two Sittings

The Greedy Pig needs no introduction in Leeds, with a name that’s synonymous for serving great plates for breakfast, brunch and lunch. Whether you go for their famed full English (arguably the best breakfast in Leeds), the fluffiest pancakes, the most amazing scotch eggs, burgers and nose to tail tapas – you always walk out utterly satisfied. It may be a little out of the way, located in the outer reaches of the city’s northern quarter; but with neighbours The Reliance nearby, and of course the Belgrave Music Hall (as well as other well known haunts) literally just up the road, they’re in esteemed company. And anyway, who really cares about the distance when the food and people make it totally worth it!!



The last few months they’d quietly fundraised; their aim, to build a toilet so they could open in the evenings. Many people supported them in the efforts, especially through their pie and…

View original post 335 more words

The Swine That Dines, Leeds

The Swine That Dines, Leeds.

New Year, New You, New Start

Happy New Year to our wonderful customers and friends!!
The dawn of 2015 is a great opportunity to start looking after yourself, create new habits or try something new. If you’re lost for resolutions, help is at hand here at Our Handmade Collective; we have a list of 10 things that you can try out this year and you can pop down to the shop for some extra friendly advice!

  • Get Organised

Getting Organised

Start the year off by blowing away the cobwebs and being more organised and in control. At Our Handmade Collective we have handy wall planners, to do lists and notebooks to aid you along the way and the best part is they are so cute that you won’t be able to wait to use them!

  • Send Snail Mail!

Send Snail Mail

Get back to traditional values this year by ditching the smart phones and social media (just a little bit!) and send a lovely handwritten card or letter to your loved ones instead. If you were a fan of our Thinking Of You project last year, then this is the perfect resolution for you.

  • Take Up A New Craft

Learn A New Craft Take Up Sewing

The optimism of a new year brings the perfect opportunity to take up a new hobby. If you’ve always wanted to try knitting, sewing or jewellery making now is your chance. You never know you could be stocking the shelves on Our Handmade Collective soon enough! If you can’t decide what to take up, why not pop in and pick up one of our fun craft kits?

  • Get Yourself Fit & Healthy

Gift Ideas For Cycling Fans

The new year could be all the motivation you need to eat healthier and get out into the fresh air and exercise those sleepy Winter muscles. You could pop into store and pick up a fun Cycling Marker to sit on your shelf and inspire you to get out on the open road.

  • New Addition To The Family

New Baby Gifts

Maybe the new year is going to bring you a new start in a different way as you welcome a new baby into the family? We have some adorable cuddling toys and gorgeous gift sets for newborns. Even if you just like browsing cute things, come on down for a chat.

  • Cooking Up A Storm

Do More Cooking

Fun Tea Towels

Dinner seems a bit boring since you indulged in that gorgeous Christmas Dinner? Why not experiment with some new meals? We have some super tasty homemade condiments to add to your favourite dish or even grab some funky tea towels or kitchen accessories to inspire you to spend more time in the kitchen.

  • Add Some Homely Touches

Home Decor Ideas

Home Decor Ideas

Does the house feel a bit empty since you took down your Christmas Decorations? Fill your empty spaces with some new decor to add a fresh feel to your home. We have gorgeous lamps, kooky fairy doors, your favourite framed Lego character and a happy smiling face named Bob!

  • Find A Moment Of Calm

Loose Leaf Tea

If you’re looking to find more time to relax this year then we have the perfect idea for you. Try one of our delicious herbal teas to take a moment out of your busy day. This isn’t a normal brew, pop it in a delicate vintage tea cup and sit quietly while you sip for an indulgent five minutes every day.

  • Look After Yourself With Extra Treats

Homemade Toiletries

Soothe your hardworking hands and feet with our gorgeous homemade cosmetics, creams and scrubs. Because these aren’t brewed in a factory they are kinder to your skin for a really heavenly treat.

  • Start A Memory Jar

Memory Jar

Our resolutions this year is to take the time to remember the little things. We have a beautiful jar on our counter top and every time one of you lovely folks offers us a kind word about our shop we’re going to pop it in there for safe keeping. At the end of the year we’re hoping to have a lovely reminder of how awesome our loyal customers are. We thought this was such a great idea that we’re offering a brand new range of Memory Jars so everyone can take part.

What will you try? Hope to see you at the shop soon! x