Creative Craft Classes – Meet The Makers – Kitsch-ina and The Owlery

Today we’re welcoming Claudia and Ben, two of our resident makers, to the blog to get to know a little bit more about them and find out what fun happenings will be part of their workshops at our brand new Creative Craft Classes this weekend!

Claudia from Kitsch-ina – Vintage Inspired Half Pinny | 29th March – Book here!

How To Sew A Pinny

My Name is Claudia and my brand is Kitsch-ina. I’ve been making & selling since 2010. Encouraged by friends and family to make and sew, I found my thing its aprons and pinnies! I love working with bright cotton prints. Inspired by the iconic 1950s design with full flowing skirts and synched in waists. I make and sell through a number of shops in and around Yorkshire.

How did you first get involved in making your craft?

I first got inspired to make, when a close friend, Pesky Chloe of Life’s Big Canvas, had a piece of fabric made using a painting of a Russian doll she had done. We decided to make a pinny and that reminded me that my mum used to wear a pinny all the time. So enthused by nostalgia and a love of fabrics I started making to sell. I now have 7 shops that sell my handmade wares.

Sewing Workshop, Leeds

What’s your favourite thing about running a workshop or class?

I did my first workshop last year it was a great success. I taught a small group of ladies to make their own aprons, 2 of them had never really used a sewing machine before. All the ladies ended up with a beautiful handmade apron using fabric they had chosen and made using their own measurements. It was really good fun sharing my knowledge and in turn inspiring them.

Ben from The Owlery – Introduction To Line Cut | 29th March – Book Here!

Lino Cutting Workshop, Leeds

My name is Benjamin Partridge and I own ‘The Owlery’ a print and textile enterprise based in Sheffield. I specialise in lino cuts, mainly based around the British Woodland, however I am often inspired by the school topics I am working on with my class. I work full time, alongside running my business, as a Special Needs Teacher in Sheffield. I am hoping that as my business progresses I can spend more time being creative and create fair balance between my career and my passion!

How did you first get involved in making your craft?

A couple of years ago I was half way through my Primary Teacher training. The thought of 4 art classes was a daunting prospect as I had never be ‘good’ at art in school. However after a 2 hour print class I found that… ‘I’m actually pretty good at this!’ I quickly went on to running an enterprise print project with my school class and from there set up The Owlery.

The textile element of my business is something that comes a little more natural. I have always had a natural affinity to sewing and been comfortable behind my machine!

‘A man that sews…what is wrong with the world?’ But the Great British Sewing Bee is forging the way for men who sew!

How to lino cut, Leeds

What made you decide to take the leap to start selling your work?

I started to sell the work after the success my school enterprise project had. I fast realised that my work was worth selling and that people were interested in print. Sheffield (my home town) has an incredible print scene and I felt honored that  people chose my work!

What’s your favourite thing about running a workshop or class?

I ran my first print workshop in Sheffield back in January. The process of running a workshop is a fascinating one, in my last print workshop participants brought inspiration from all over the world! One participant was inspired by graffiti art of a volcano situated on the side of a wall on an island in the Indian Ocean where she lived for years, while another participant cut scenes from her kitchen window overlooking beautiful scenery and woodlands. It is incredible to see the diversity of work produced. It makes me realise that inspiration can come for anything and everything.

Creative Workshop Leeds

To book onto Vintage Inspired Half Pinny or Introduction To Lino Cut or to view our other Creative Craft Classes, pop along to this link or call 0113 2443454. Don’t forget we also have our Making Bath Bombs class this Thursday evening too!

See you there x

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