The Awesome Student Guide To Leeds Indies

Freshers! Welcome to Leeds. Grab a cuppa and snuggle yourself down with a blanket, Yorkshire style, while you read through our Awesome Student Guide to Leeds Indies at The Grand Arcade.

Freshly Ground Coffee Leeds

Late night studying or researching local bars? Get your caffeine fix from Casa Colombiana; coffee and food with a Latin twist. Their coffee is roasted on site, making it as fresh as possible. Try it black with a lump of rustic brown sugar.

Tired of having to pick the only veggie option on the menu when out with your new pals? Pop in to Roots and Fruits where all the offerings are vegetarian. Tasty options for vegans too!

Last minute visit from the parents? Take them for afternoon tea at Just Grand! Vintage Tearoom for a super suave cuppa instead of letting them into the kitchen you haven’t gotten around to cleaning from last night’s party.

Wet Shaving Leeds

Pruning the perfect hipster beard? Pop along to The Traditional Shaving Company for expert advice or get it all lopped off by Byron the Barber.

Sister in town and recently engaged? Take her along to The Bridal Emporium to try on dresses and get ideas for the big day. You’ll score the highest sibling points on offer!

Jazz up your new pad with some bobby dazzler accessories from The Little Button Co or paint up an unloved thrifted find with some chalk paint from My Vibrant Home.

Impress your first Uni date by buying them a drink at The Pit, but let them get the round in at Santiagos!

Best Birthday Present Ideas

Finally when birthdays arise, pop along to Our Handmade Collective for all your gifting needs. When they see the great gifts you come up with, everyone will want to be your friend 😉 And don’t forget to get yourself a little treat from us for all your hard work!

Student Guide Leeds

You can find even more information about us in your handy student guide from Leeds List.

See you at the shop!

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